Area: 2,500 square feet

Location: G27, Salcon Rasvilas Mall, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi, India

Designed and built by Architect Sanjiv Malhan, OFIA (Office For International Architecture)

Client: Mr Manish Malhan and Mr Ankur Jain

Opened: 2011

“Circles, lines and hearts create subtle patterns that flow in and out on specially designed glass-clad walls. These LED-lit walls feature kaleidoscopic light imagery and together with a ‘white on white’ wall graphic, inspire all elements to come together in pleasing harmony. “

Architectural Statement:

The bar lounge is today’s playground for adults and the backdrop for adult rituals such as bonding, courtship and social advancement. Sanjiv Malhan of OFIA, the architectural practice that’s making waves in FLO-Restaurant Lounge, Bar ,private dinning and is responsible for FLO, has created a very sophisticated, layered experience using textures, shapes, colours and lighting to create a fluid experience that reflects the mood of the adults who unwind here at FLO, after a day’s hard work. The intent of the OFIA interior design for FLO is playful yet urbane as befits a bar and lounge and offers beautifully designed areas for private parties. The kaleidoscopic light imagery provides a unique effect that unites all the layers into one pleasing, harmonious whole.

A controlled palette restrained to muted blacks and whites with carefully crafted sophisticated accents of neon and metal provides relief and bestows welcoming warmth. Technology is the art at the heart of OFIA: Mood-controlled lighting, customised sound offerings and a peekaboo bed lounge experience that is hidden from all eyes through a clever use of levels, ensure that the design firm’s vision for FLO is futuristic.