Home Theater Designer


Area: 2,000 square feet on 500 square yards property

Location: C block, South Extension (NDSE) Part 2, New Delhi, India

Designed and built by Architect Sanjiv Malhan, OFIA (Office For International Architecture)

Client: Mrs Vandana and Mr Ajay Srivastava

Completed: 2013

“A luxurious man-den entertainment area with its complex gadgetry and masterly lighting that manages to create a different mood in each nook and corner and is a space where friends and visitors would never fail to be impressed yet feel at ease and welcome.”

Architectural Statement:

OFIA’s mastery over the complexities of restaurant design and modern fine dining spaces gave them a flip when it came to this project to design an entertainment den and living room with a bar, fire place and home theatre for this luxurious Delhi residence. Rising to this interior design challenge, Sanjiv Malhan of OFIA has created a home theater designers in delhi i.e superb man-den and living room space that is stunning in its use of technology.

home theater designers

The brief was clear: the owner wanted a state-of-the-art home theater designers in delhi, a unique bar and a living room space that allowed him and the family to use the space with ease and belonging. OFIA demonstrates that complexity in a brief is not at all intimidating: This family home theater designers ,room and separate den for the master of the household manages to use the latest electronic gadgetry and home automation systems to create an atmosphere that is at once subtle and sophisticated without losing any welcoming warmth. The formal living area is large and open, with custom designed and built wooden furniture and laser cut timber ceiling panels.

The luxury home theater designers in delhi,is perfect for an all-male bonding over football and cricket matches yet it also lends itself to a family movie with popcorn and snacks. The furniture features comfortable yet classic recliners, made to measure bed lounges and floor cushions to provide ample spill-over seating.

The high point of the space is a beautifully designed and built backlit onyx bar, complete with all the latest accoutrements. This fabulous onyx bar, a stunning eye-catcher, is designed for a large bartended party as well as for when the master wishes to play host and rustle up his favourite cocktails for guests. It features a display backdrop of bottles with colour changing LED lights that help focus the eye and heighten the mood. The play of colours and the mood lighting form a remarkable backdrop for the onyx bar, the wood and leather furniture, and the high technology gear that make up a modern high-tech home theatre and forms the basis of entertainment today.

The lines are clean and easy, yet a few well-placed pieces create distinct focal points and lead the eye deeper into the space. A clean and uncluttered look belies the effort and sophisticated techniques that have gone into executing this design.